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For a university project I made a couple of 3D models of Aslan and Jadis, the White Witch from the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. These were made based off of the book descriptions of the characters as well as my own ideas of what they should look like especially in regards to the White Witch as she is described in more detail than Aslan. 


Through taking a variety of photos I complete the project with a book cover using a simplistic design so it could fit in with the other book as part of a collection I also used a image of evcuees to show the real world drama that's featured in the book while providing a simple secondary image for the cover. 


Some early concepts including a design of Mr Tumnus as an additional model as well as an anatomy refernce for Aslan as I wanted the model to have as much movement as possible with the armature reflecting lion anatomy. 

Scan 6.jpeg
Scan 4.jpeg
Scan 7.jpeg
Scan 2 2.jpeg
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