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Alo is a character that I have developed inspired by a variety of cartoon characters I saw growing up such as Ben 10, Martin Mystery, Johnny Test and Kim Possible.

Alo is a 20-year-old secret agent in training who is less conventional than most of the agents but is recruited from a young age showing natural talent during his years as a scout.


An initial drawing of the character at its early stages. I decided to make a model of Alo later on to further explore the character's look with different materials. The main sculpture is made of cosclay and the stealth suit is layered with different materials to make it look more high-tech and practical. 

IMG_5550 2.jpeg

An expression sheet to explore the structure of his face and how it looks at different angles and expressions based on the model.

Scan 1.jpeg

Another character sheet looking at different looks and how they might affect the face or hair.

Other characters who are part of the same organisation as Alo. Focusing on making them all different from one another in their own styles builds, and facial structures.

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