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Alo is a character I made inspired by a variety of cartoons I saw growing up such as Ben 10, Martin Mystery, Kim Possible and Young Justice. All with an action theme and a slight anime influence. The model was a chance to find further elements within the character to help translate to drawing.  

IMG_5550 2.jpeg

To help further find Alo's personality and character I made an expression sheet, loosely finding the structure of his face and how it looks at different angles and expressions.


This helped me find his optimism, calmness and focus as he works as a spy in training but is still young and wants to do things his way. 

Some full-colour pieces of Alo exploring types of fashion as he is a youthful character I decided to make him bold and loud almost contradicting his position as a spy in training. As I imagine him mostly dealing with the supernatural I gave him a pair of goggles that allow him to see the physical forms of the spirits.

Scan 2.jpeg
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